About Us

What makes us different.

The Clan

IT-13 is a family. Know about our creed and values, our present and future.


Become a strategic leader in BPO and Contact Center services in Central America oriented to excellence and innovation.

Creating values for our clients, partners and employees by maintaining a firm commitment to our surroundings and our society.


To offer BPO and contact center services with high quality standards with a committed and trained team, within a strong technological support to provide solutions to the needs of our customers.

Having as our spearhead the vocation for service through a constant effor to exceed the expectations of our business partners.



We care for our staff more than economic benefits. Proof of that is that we become responsible and involved with our surroundings, society and environment to make them better every day.


Merged with ongoing improvement, focused on finding our clients needs and looking to satisfy them in the best way possible.


Mainly for our team. We strongly believe that people who are creative are the most important asset to enterprises, it is our duty to provide them with all the tools for idea creations and freedom of thought in order to have the best experience working together.


In a world where every day is less frequent, this is our main value that we pass on to our clients and team members. Transparency implies trust and confidence in both human and commercial relationships.


We are committed to achieve our work with the highest quality and maximum efficiency.


This is strictly bound to our team with a huge strength. When someone is passionate about their work and what they do, it rubs of that passion to everyone else. If our company transmits this value to our team and clients, they will feel the same way too.


If we are loyal and truthful to our team and clients, they will return that loyalty to us. This is our main drive and has been in humanity
since day one.